Let’s know about Communication and protocols

Communication is a way where we communicate from one another. Sending or receiving of information or data is known as the communication. If we talk about communication then there are different type of communication such as digital communication and analog communication. Digital communication is the one which is used to transfer physical data from one point to another point. Some examples of the channels to be used in digital channel are optical fibre, copper wires, wireless etc.

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Communication protocol: If we talk about protocols they play an important role in the communication. Sending of data from one node communication to another node is termed as communication protocol. They are normally defined in layer manner. The protocol uses OSI model. If we talk about protocol then they are the set of rules which are used transfer data between the devices. There are different types of protocols like network protocol, transmission protocol, internet protocol, post office protocol, file transfer protocol and many more.

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The transmission protocol is a type of protocol which is used to communicate over a network. Since the data is divided into packets they are sent and then reassembled to the destination place.

Simple mail transfer protocol: this type of protocol is used to transfer outgoing e-mail.

Hyper text transfer protocol: it is a protocol to transfer the hyper texts which are used between two or more computers. These types of text are coded in the Html language. It is used to create the links. The link can be in any form such as graphics or text. It allows client to establish connection with the server and to make a request. Ethernet: this protocol is the most popular one and used for the LAN communication. The information is passed in the form of digital packets. If we talk about Telnet then it operates the client and server principle. Telnet is used to connect one computer to another one.

There are more protocols which are use for various services. Protocols are used in various communication fields and for the communications. If we talk about IP telephony providers than they are based on VOIP and provide us the digital communication services over the internet. These types of protocols are in very much use for providing voice services to the clients over the internet.

Moreover if we talk about the protocols than gopher is also one of them which is used to search, display and retrieve date from the remote sites. One can easily do online connection to the other computer or system by the help of gopher. The client and server principal are operated by gopher itself.

In telecommunication protocol and communication are very important